8 Things You’ll Need to Get Your Dog Ready for Spring

Spring is knocking on the door, and it marks the beginning of a great period for pet owners. Finally, the days are getting longer and warmer, which means you can enjoy plenty of activities with your pet. Camping, hiking, longer daily walks and playtime is on the schedule now, and there are a few pet products that can make these adventures even more fun for you and your pooch. Here are some items that will make this spring better than any before it.

Wigzi Dual Doggie Pet Leash

This innovative Wigzi dual leash is a gift from heaven for owners who have more than one pet. If you’ve ever tried walking two dogs, you know how easy it is for them to tangle their leashes. Wigzi can be used for two puppies, each weighing up to 50 lbs. The two leashes are in different colors, and each has its own color-coded brake so that you can stop each dog individually or both at the same time, as needed. The leashes extend up to 10 feet and have a mechanism that prevents tangling.

A Dog Towel

Spring is the season of unpredictable weather and it’s perfect for fun in the mud. But once the fun is over, you’re left with a Fido that’s soaked to the skin. Drying your dog can be a hassle, especially if you have a long-haired breed, or your puppy hates the sound and feel of a hair dryer. A pet towel for dogs designed specifically for those soaking wet is made from super absorbent microfiber, much more effective than your own towels. It can be used to dry your dog’s coat, clean his paws, and wipe all of the water that dripped on the floor. The towel cuts drying time significantly, by at least a half.

GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Launcher

Even the most enthusiastic pet parents usually tire of playing fetch faster than their furry companions. GoDogGo can help you when your puppy is in the mood to play, but you’d rather just relax. This automatic ball launcher can be preprogrammed to throw the balls at 7 or 15-second intervals, or you can operate it manually, using a remote. The launcher can be used both outside and indoors, on days when it’s raining or too hot. With the obesity epidemic hitting the canine population hard, this is also a great tool to help your pet keep fit and get enough activity regardless of how busy your schedule might be.

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Don’t forget to bring plenty of food and water with you when you head outside with your pooch this spring. Investing in a lightweight, collapsible bowl will make it much easier to keep your dog properly fed and hydrated even when you’re on the go. There are plenty of very cheap collapsible bowls. They’re easy to fold and weigh less than 3 oz, take up almost no space and are light enough to carry around. Most can hold almost 2 liters of water. The grip bottom makes it hard to slip or overturn. Thanks to their reflective trim, it’s not a problem to spot them even after dark, which is perfect for camping trips or night runs. The materials are durable and clean up nicely.

Whistle Pet Tracker

We get so consumed by our own health and exercise routines that we often forget our pets’ need to fill their workout quota too in order to remain healthy. Whistle pet tracker (used to be known as Tagg) serves two important functions – it keeps track of your pet’s activity levels, as well as his location. As you spend more and more time outside, there’s always a greater possibility of your dog getting lost. Whistle sends you phone alerts if your dog leaves a designated perimeter. It also monitors your dog’s activities, stores up to 12 months of history, and allows for comparison within the last three months. The tracker is easy to attach to a collar, and extremely durable, built to withstand whatever your pooch gets up to.

Travel-friendly crate

It’s time to hit the great outdoors and spend some quality time with your dog in nature, probably overnight after a hike or on a camping trip. But to get there, you need to drive. Letting your dog ride without protection can be dangerous for him as well as for you. A dog crate for travel is the best way to transport your puppy to any destination. There are several options available, but it’s best to pick the safest one; pay attention to those that have been crash tested by CPS . Most are made from a sturdy nylon blend, making them durable, comfortable to carry and the bedding is removable and washable.

Hurtta Pet Collection Torrent Coat for Dogs

To keep your dog fit and healthy, you need to take him for a walk or a run every single day, regardless of the weather. But spring is known as a rainy season in most states. Investing in a raincoat will help him stay relatively dry even in a downpour, without compromising his freedom of movement. Available in three stylish colors – cherry, hi-viz orange, and raven, the Hurtta coat offers protection from wind and rain. With a back adjustable belt, it’s super easy to put on and take off. The fabric is thin enough so your dog won’t overheat even when it’s not too cold outside. It also protects the dog’s stomach from mud. It’s cut around the tail, as well as around the collar, to facilitate leash attachment. The reflective details provide safety on night walks or in conditions of poor visibility.

CBLC Organic Fertilizer

Spring is the time when nature awakens, and it’s also the time to start taking extra care of your garden and lawn once again. Most gardening products such as fertilizers and pesticides are poisonous for pets. Not even all organic products are harmless. CBLC organic Lawn and Turf Conditioner improves soil health, promotes growth, and suppresses weeds, all while being completely safe for animals and people. Spring is a time for adventures. It’s also the time when parasite populations boom, so don’t forget to load up on flea and tick repellent too!

Solid Gold SeaMeal Skin & Coat Supplement

Just like you may get a stuffy nose and watery eyes around the turn of the seasons, did you know that dogs can suffer from seasonal allergies too? Seasonal allergies for your pets often show up as hot spots or dry, itchy and flaky skin. Adding a skin and coat supplement like Solid Gold SeaMeal can help your pet get through spring with a soft and silky coat and reduce the occurrence of hot spots or dry, itchy skin. This kelp-based supplement is easy to add to your dog’s meal and is rich in naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and Omega Fatty Acids that are essential for skin and coat and immune health.



By: Samantha Randall from TopDogTips.com

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