Adopting Adult or Mature Pets

We are thrilled that you’ve grown (or are planning to grow) your family by one very lucky adult dog or cat. Adult and mature pets tend to spend a longer time in rescue organizations than puppies or kittens do, and they will be so grateful to be welcomed into your loving home. With pet adoption rates on the rise, Solid Gold is here to offer some useful tips for taking extra special care of your new furry family member, no matter what their age!

Depending on the type and breed of your pet, “senior/mature” cats and dogs are typically classified as being older than 7 years old, while “adult” is usually over the age of 1 year old (some larger breed dogs aren’t considered mature until 2 years old).


You might be lucky if your new pet is already well trained! No matter what their history was before joining your family, they may already have some useful knowledge under their belts ranging from bathroom habits to leash training to simple commands like “sit”. While they may have a bunch of tricks learned, there may be some more undesirable behaviors instilled in them. These behaviors, depending how long they’ve been doing them, might be slightly harder to undo (for example, garbage eating, not using a litter box, biting…). Just like with a puppy or kitten, consistency is key with altering these behaviors. On the flip side, they might be able to learn new tricks in shorter time compared to a puppy or kitten! Stimulating their minds with learning new things can be helpful for the both of you in forging a positive relationship.

If you can, question the rescue organization for any tidbits on training or repeated behaviors that the caretakers may have noticed. Any feedback they have on the temperament of the pet may help you unravel details about their personality and intelligence. While each pet may differ, it’s important to spend a lot of time with them to understand what they may or may not already know, and contact a certified pet training specialist if need be to help guide you or provide advice.


Depending on the situation, your new pet’s health history might be a bit of a mystery. It’s important to take them to your veterinarian for a routine checkup, just like you would for a new puppy or kitten, to make sure everything is okay. They might be able to help identify any previously existing conditions that could save your pet some discomfort. Be sure to inquire with the rescue/adoption location for any medical history or paperwork. Knowing if an adult or senior pet needs any medications is very important!


In addition to medications or health conditions, what your pet has been fed is just as important. Inquire with the rescue organization what they had been eating previously so you can feed something similar, or work on a food transition plan. If you don’t know what your new pet was being fed, don’t worry! Solid Gold has specially formulated recipes for adult and mature dogs as well as sensitive stomach recipes for adult dogs and cats that are easy to digest.

Food for Adult Dogs and Cats

If you are looking to transition an adult dog’s food, first make the decision to feed them a healthy whole grain or grain free formula. For adult dogs, Leaping Waters is a great grain free formula crafted with lean, cold water salmon, chickpeas, tapioca that make it easy to digest, and also provide gut health and overall immune support. Hund-N-Flocken is a healthy, non-GMO whole grain option that has proudly supported the health and vitality of dogs since 1974. Today, this recipe still provides the best natural nutrient profile derived from pasture raised lamb, healthy whole grains, and our unique blend of nutritious superfoods, living probiotics and rich omegas to promote gut health and overall immune support.

For adult cats, Indigo Moon dry food is a high-protein formula provides a combination of nutrient-dense ingredients and boasts healthy fats, all packed in a convenient dry food with the flavor your cat craves. If your adult cat will mainly be an indoor cat, Let’s Stay In indoor cat formula  is made with cage free, all natural chicken combined with fiber packed lentils and our unique blend of functional superfoods will keep your cat feeling satisfied and can help with hairball control.

Food for Senior Dogs and Cats

Senior pets tend to have more sensitive stomachs, so being aware of any food allergies or intolerances can help lower risk of sickness and discomfort. If you have a senior dog, Young at Heart kibble for dogs contains ideal fat, calorie and protein levels to keep your dog feeling full without packing on extra pounds. Holistique Blendz kibble for dogs is a nutrient-rich recipe, delivering controlled levels of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and sodium. Green Cow beef tripe is canned dog food ideal for sensitive tummies! Since it contains partially digested plant matter, naturally occurring gastric juices and essential digestive enzymes, it provides the nutrients dogs need to thrive including vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

For cats, Winged Tiger kibble has well-balanced nutrition and is packed with high-quality quail, a lean protein, our unique blend of functional superfoods and omega fatty acids to provide gut health and overall immune support. This recipe also features fiber-rich pumpkin and is ideal for cats with sensitive stomachs or digestive upset to keep their adventures going.


If you are not looking to change adult pet’s food at the moment but want to provide them with immune system support, simply add in a supplement to their diets! Solid Gold SeaMeal supplement is the perfect addition to food which provides support for skin and coat, digestive and immune system health in dogs and cats. Utilizing seaweed, earth’s original Superfood, Solid Gold SeaMeal combines red, green and brown seaweed species to deliver transformational health benefits.

For dogs with achy joints, consider adding Advanced Joint Health Chews to their diet to provide maximum support for joint health and to ease joint stiffness.

Physical Activity

There are many older dogs and cats out there that have puppy/kitten personalities! Just because your new pet has many years of experience doesn’t mean they won’t want to play or get a good amount of physical activity. For mature or adult dogs, try taking them on walks or playing in your yard to gauge their energy levels. A short walk around the block might not be enough for some high-energy pups, but might be plenty for other older ones. For older kitties, make sure they have plenty of toys at home to pay with! Stimulating their minds with brain games can also help you understand how active they like to be.

Love & Affection

What pet doesn’t love some extra cuddles?! While you may be excited to snuggle up to your new furry friend right away, some older pets might not have as much experience with human touch as others. Remember that while their pasts might be a mystery to you, your new pets will have years of experience and memories. This means they might be a bit scared or standoffish at the beginning. If you notice your new pet is taking a bit longer to warm up to you than you thought, it’s okay to give them some time! Showing them small gestures of affection like reliable feeding times, an occasional head pet, going on walks, or even a new toy can all show your pet that you are there to support and love them no matter what. If they seem to need more time to acclimate to your presence, try giving them their privacy by putting a blanket over their kennel or bed, or including items that may carry your scent to help soothe them.

No matter the age of your senior pet, giving them years of love and affection can do wonders for their mental and physical health. Not to mention, forging a special bond like this can help the pet’s human counterparts too!

Visit your local pet store to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate and find out which diet is right for your pet!

Don’t forget to call ahead to see if any curbside pickup or delivery options are available.

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