Can You Guess What Type of Music Dogs Enjoy Most?

Listening to music is one of the best ways to make yourself feel relaxed, but does music affect pets the same way? Researchers have actually found that dogs are even calmer and happier after they’ve heard some jams.

According to the study, published in the journal  Physiology and Behavior,  a team of researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland, created five different playlists for the dogs — classical, pop, Motown, reggae, and soft rock. They then measured their stress during each one, looking at both physical factors (heart rate, levels of the stress hormone cortisol) and behavioral ones (like barking).

Each dog’s reaction varied, but what they found was very similar to research in humans: Music has an overall relaxing effect. Of the five genres, soft rock and reggae were the most effective.

The study has broader implications beyond finding out what type of music dogs prefer. The study could actually help shelters increase the number of dogs that get adopted! “We want the dogs to have as good an experience as they can in a shelter,” said Neil Evans, an animal-health researcher. People that want a dog who is looking very relaxed and interacts with them.”

Two shelters have already began to play music due to the organization’s study, with more shelters that are planning to use the doggo approved playlists.

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