Does your pet have a sensitive stomach? Here’s how to tell and what to do about it!

We know there is nothing worse than when your beloved pets are not feeling their best! Just like humans, your pets can suffer from signs of a sensitive stomach. While the term “sensitive stomach” is vague, there are a wide variety of signs to look for that could identify intolerances for your furry friend. Solid Gold is here to help!

Signs of Sensitive Stomachs

If you think your dog or cat might have a digestive upset, it’s important to observe them closely and ask yourself the below questions:

  • Do they have gas? Have you ever eaten too fast and felt like you needed to get rid of that excess air? Your pets can also experience occasional gas from eating too quickly, leading to more air being ingested with their food. If you notice your pet (particularly dog) needs to slow down, we recommend an elevated feeder or a specialized slow feed bowl. If the issue persists, this might be a sign of gastrointestinal issue and you should consult your vet.
  • Are they vomiting? Just like humans, occasional vomiting doesn’t always qualify for alarm. It is possible that something in particular did not sit well with your pet and they just need to get it out of their systems. Keep an eye on them – if the vomiting persists or you see it being accompanied by diarrhea or loss of appetite, you should contact your vet as this may be a larger issue.
  • Do they have diarrhea/loose stool? Similar to vomiting, occasional diarrhea may just be an adjustment to a new diet or a reaction to eating something off the floor they shouldn’t have. If loose stool does not come together or you notice them straining, it’s time to involve your vet.
  • Are they snacking on grass? While snacking on grass to relieve boredom is not uncommon for dogs in particular, it might be something to look out for. This may be related to their diet lacking minerals and nutrients essential to them. Further, the ingestion of grass blades can tickle their stomach lining which might cause vomiting.
  • Do they have allergies? If your pet is itching, has rashes, ear and/or skin infections, or some of the other signs mentioned above… they might have an allergy to their current food. Some pets can have allergies to certain ingredients (ex: soy, corn, or wheat) or even a specific protein used in their food, like chicken. Veterinarians can run allergy panels on your pet to let you know if they have any sensitivities to look out for. Try cutting out any additives and streamline their diet to find the root of the problem.

If you see your pet has any of the above signs for more than a couple days, consult your vet. While occasional gas is normally nothing to be worried about, a combination of signs for an extended period of time could be a sign of a more serious issue. Veterinary practices can run blood panels, stool samples, and even x-rays to identify potential larger issues such as parasites, infections, gastrointestinal diseases, and other irritations.

Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs: What Can I Do?

Dogs, more so than cats and other pets, explore their surroundings with their mouths. This opens up more doors for them to ingest something that could cause them discomfort. Keep an eye on your pup to make sure they are not eating anything they should not be, and try going without giving them table scraps to see if this corrects their signs.

If you aren’t sure of an exact cause of your pet’s upset stomach, try switching to a dog food specifically formulated for sensitive stomachs.

Solid Gold Leaping Waters Cold Water Salmon & Vegetable Recipe dry dog food is a nutrient-rich, grain and gluten free formula created with simple ingredients like lean, cold water salmon and chickpeas.

Solid Gold Buck Wild with Venison, Potato & Pumpkin is made with a special formula of high quality ingredients, superfoods, and living probiotics to benefit your pup’s gut health for easy digestibility. It is free of grains and fillers providing the perfect fuel for your active dog.

Solid Gold Wild Heart Quail, Chickpea & Pumpkin Recipe is a grain and gluten free dry dog food recipe packed with nutritious flavor. Crafted with high-quality quail, chickpeas and pumpkin, it supports healthy digestion and is perfect for those pups with sensitive stomachs.

Solid Gold Green Cow Green Beef Tripe Recipe wet dog food contains partially digested plant matter, as well as naturally occurring gastric juices and healthy enzymes that are extremely palatable for picky dogs! This grain and gluten free recipe can be added to dry food for a nutritious addition.

Cats with Sensitive Stomachs: What Can I Do?

If you are a proud cat owner, you’ve most likely noticed that cats can be pretty picky eaters! Your cat will let you know if a certain food is not up to snuff by paying it no mind. That said, it is possible your furry friend will love a food that causes them digestive upset.

If you think your cat may be in need of a special diet for sensitive stomachs, Solid Gold is here to help!

Solid Gold Winged Tiger with Quail & Pumpkin is a flavorful, grain and gluten-free dry cat food recipe packed with nutritious ingredients like lean quail and fiber-rich pumpkin to aid in proper digestion.

Solid Gold Purrfect Pairings are a savory mousse wet cat food with a light and airy texture that appeals to even the pickiest eaters. These unique, grain and gluten-free recipes combine real meat and goat milk to provide easy-to-absorb and easily digestible essential nutrients. Purrfect Pairings can be served on their own, as a topper to dry food, or as a tasty treat! 

Solid Gold Let’s Stay In Stay In dry cat food is specifically formulated for indoor cats that are more easily susceptible to hairballs. This recipe is a perfect choice due to the increased fiber which can help your cat with chronic hair ball issues.

What if I Don’t Want to Change Their Diet?

If you are happy with your cat or dog’s current food but would still like to aid their digestion, the simple addition of a supplement can make all the difference.

Solid Gold SeaMeal combines 5 different types of seaweeds for added antioxidants, flax for omega 3 fatty acids, and digestive enzymes to help process and utilize more of the nutrients in their food. SeaMeal is perfect for both dogs and cats – simply sprinkle a serving over their already approved food! Available in powder or chews .

Solid Gold D-Zyme is a supplement for dogs and cats made with plant-based digestive enzymes to support the breakdown and absorption of essential nutrients. This is especially beneficial for pets with sensitive stomachs. Simply use with each meal for optimal digestion.

Check out all Solid Gold recipes and supplements for sensitive stomachs!

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