Does Your Pet Have Allergies? They Might Not Be Caused By What You Think

Runny nose, itchy skin, sneezing… While you might know your symptoms of allergies, have you checked out your pets? 30% of all pets will experience an allergic reaction. The two main types of allergies in pets are environmental or food related. With only 10% of skin allergies in pets being food related, this means your pet’s irritation might be caused by something else around them!

Symptoms of Pet Allergies

 - Itching

 - Red/irritated skin

 - Hot spots

 - Hair loss

 - Ear infections

 - Vomiting

 - Diarrhea

 - Constipation

If you see your dog or cat showing any symptom above, or a combination of multiple, then they might have an allergy! There are some things you should keep in mind before assuming what the cause is.

Diet Changes

Did you change their food or introduce a new treat recently? If you notice your pet reacting negatively to a new or different food, they might have an allergy. If you suspect this, check out the ingredient label on the product. Is it made with artificial or filler ingredients? Does it contain a different protein than they are used to? What about the grain source? While all of these could be contributing to your pet’s reaction, they may have a sensitivity to one ingredient in particular. Visiting your vet can help shed some light on the situation, as they can run a series of tests to see where their sensitivities lay.

If you suspect their food might be the culprit, it’s important to remember that pets require food transitions. Changing your pet’s diet 4-5 times to gauge their reactions to various foods probably won’t yield you a straight answer. Without running a panel of tests on your beloved furry friend, ensuring the food they are eating is specially crafted with simple ingredients made for easy digestibility will help ease their tummy and get them back on track.

Solid Gold’s Leaping Waters , Buck Wild and Wild Heart formulas for dogs and Winged Tiger for cats are made with, probiotics, superfoods, and ingredients like lean proteins and fiber-rich pumpkin for easy digestibility and gut health support. If you’re looking for wet food to supplement their already existing kibble, Green Cow for dogs is made with green beef tripe which is highly digestible - ideal for sensitive tummies. For cats, Holistic Delights creamy bisque pouches are made with coconut milk, making them highly palatable and easily digestible.

Timing & Seasonality

As humans, we can experience sneezing and runny noses if we encounter something we’re allergic to, like pollen or dust. Pets can show seasonal allergy symptoms, too! They just look a bit different than humans as their symptoms won’t be respiratory. Is your pet itchy all year, or only occasionally? If they only seem to itch after being outside or during a particular season, your furry friend might be having a reaction to an environmental element.

If they are outdoors a lot, making sure they get a bath and are brushed regularly can help rinse any pollen, weeds, etc off of them which could otherwise cause a reaction. If they are primarily indoors, it’s important to make sure their living space is free of dust or mold, which might be affecting them negatively. Their bedding should also be washed in case they tracked something inside!

To help them get through seasonal allergies, make sure they are prepared to fight symptoms from the inside out. Solid Gold SeaMeal is our most popular supplement and is specially made from Earth’s original superfood: seaweed! Rich in nutrients like amino acids, omega fatty acids, B vitamins, iron and magnesium, SeaMeal increases digestibility of their food, as well as enhances their overall skin, coat and immune health. Solid Gold products help the system by promoting good gut health and never mask the symptoms, so you can feel good about what they’re consuming!

Regardless of the cause of your furry friend’s allergies, Solid Gold is here to help! All of our recipes are specially crafted with nutritious superfoods, living probiotics, and healthy omegas for gut health and overall immune support. We believe that a healthy inside makes for a healthy outside and always put your pet’s health first.

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