Flavorful Feast for Your Favorite Cat

Just like the title, our Flavorful Feast Classic Pates are a mouthful! These scrumptious chicken recipes are available in both a kitten and indoor formula. Formulated with chicken and tuna for lean protein, this classic pate is irresistible to all felines! Included Superfoods are carrots, pumpkin, spinach and apple to round out this healthy feast. Our Kitten recipe is purrfect for weaning kitties, its soft texture is easy on their little teeth and formulated to be fed as a complete and balanced meal or a perfect companion to our Touch of Heaven dry formula. For the more mature felines who prefer to sunbathe in the comfort of their own home, our Indoor recipe is also a complete and balanced diet, purrfect to be fed alone or alongside our new Let’s Stay In dry indoor recipes! Your feline will think this Flavorful Feast is too good to be true, she doesn’t need to know you are the smart cat parent that you are feeding her this healthy, holistic diet that helps support ideal body condition and healthy digestion, as well as delivering antioxidants masked a tasty treat.

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