Heart-Shaped Kibbles That Say “I Love You”

With all the love in the air, don't forget to share the love with your pet! Here are some our favorite heart-shaped recipes for the precious puppies and carefree kittens in your life:

1. Mighty Mini Chicken, Chickpea & Pumpkin Recipe

Did you know there’s more to small breed kibble than its size? Smaller breeds need a kibble that’s full of nutrition and Mighty Mini delivers. Perfectly balanced for their mini size, this grain and gluten free chicken and hearty vegetable recipe is packed with easily digestible protein, our unique blend of nutrient-dense superfoods and omega fatty acids to provide gut health and overall immune support. Unleash your dog’s inner titan!

Mighty Mini is available in additional protein options including turkey, beef, salmon and lamb.

2. Touch of Heaven Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

Something this adorable must be heaven-sent! Formulated for kittens, this grain and gluten free recipe boasts high density, lean protein to help build strong muscles, DHA for cognitive development and is omega-rich. Living probiotics, combined with a unique blend of nutritious superfoods, provide gut health and overall immune support. Give your little angel the proper nutrition to support them into their prime!

3. Love At First Bark Chicken, Potato & Apple Recipe

You knew it was love at first bark, but your new pup will know it is love at first bite! This recipe is packed with flavor and all the nutrients your growing pup needs! Nutrient-dense, lean protein from highly digestible chicken, DHA for cognitive development, balanced levels of omegas and three strains of living probiotics complement our unique blend of functional superfoods. From the first bath to the first birthday, this recipe will keep your pup feeling great with gut health and overall immune support through their first year.

Visit your local pet store to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate and find out which diet is right for your pet!

Don’t forget to call ahead to see if any curbside pickup or delivery options are available.

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