How Coconut & Coconut Oil Are Beneficial to Your Pet

Coconut has infused nearly every product category in recent years, and there's a reason why.

Coconut provides hundreds of benefits to both humans and pets alike. It has been found to actually help with a number of parts of the body. Things like skin, hair, bones and teeth are all affected when consuming coconut. Coconut oil is also high in natural saturated fats. In fact, it is one of the richest sources of saturated fat, with almost 90% of the fatty acids in it being saturated. Coconut oil is great for dogs and can actually help aid your pet by preventing infection, helping skin and coat, and improving digestion!

The secret to coconut oil comes from it's MCT content. Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) is a type of good fat, that provides a plethora of benefits that range from immune system support, metabolic function that assists with weight loss, and thyroid health. In addition, MCTs are a great source of energy commonly used for athletic performance. In dogs, the MCTs in coconut oil can help overweight dogs lose weight while helping less active dogs feel more energetic. Below is a list of all the benefits of coconut for dogs:

  • Helps Improve digestion
  • Increases nutrient absorption
  • Helps reduce and eliminate bad breath
  • Aids in increasing energy
  • Prevent and helps fight infection
  • Improves skin & coat
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