How to Keep Your Dog Active this Winter

When you look around and realize you are surrounded by cookies, pies, potatoes, gravy, and more… the holiday season is here! We’ve all been there, and while humans may put on a couple extra pounds around the holidays from all the delicious meals and desserts, a similar weight gain in your pets could be more a serious problem. Just like you may have a workout regimen, making sure your pup gets some additional exercise after eating those table scraps is important for their overall health and wellness.

How Can I Keep Them Active During Winter?

Here are some easy and fun ideas of how to keep your pup active this winter.

  1. Take them on a walk or a hike. It's that easy! You can take in the crisp air and they can burn off some energy. Make sure you schedule time, whether it’s in the morning or after dinner. Getting your pup on this schedule will keep them engaged and excited! 
  2. Play a game. Games like hide-and-seek, fetch, or just chasing each other around the yard can do wonders for a pent-up pup! If it’s too chilly outside, you can play mental games with them like teaching them new tricks or having them work for food or a treat. We like to freeze Solid Gold Bone Broth into cubes and put them in a Kong!
  3. Try a doggy daycare or dog park. These organizations are very popular and not only let your dog run around, but also allow your furry friend to socialize with other pups. Your dog might just make a new best friend!
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