How To Keep Your Dog Calm This 4th of July

Independence Day is almost here

But that means fireworks, which my pup fears!

“What should I do?” I ask myself while thinking what pantry I could raid

And that’s when I remembered- Solid Gold Pet has a Calming Aid!

With just a couple of chews Bella can finally relax

And go back to her day dream of that handsome lab Max.

Now I can enjoy the firework’s big BOOM

While Bella is calmly asleep in her room!

Solid Gold Pet’s Calming Aid Chews are a natural way to keep your fur baby relaxed during travel, parties, and even fireworks.  Using ingredients like chamomile and passion flower, these chews help keep your pets calm during times of change or chaos.  Simply follow the dosing instructions and give yourself peace of mind that your dog is feeling peaceful!

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