How To Prepare Your Pet For Colder Weather

I don’t know about you, but the only time I like hearing the words “colder” and “weather” together are when sung by Zac Brown. As your typical Southerner, it hits 60 degrees and we pull out our heaviest jackets and bibs and crank up the fires. My bones get achy, I feel sluggish (because obviously I can’t go outside when it’s that cold- talk about lacking Vitamin D), and, if we’re being honest here, it gets really hard to stick to the healthy routine I know I need to be in. However, thinking about how rough cold weather makes me feel makes me super motivated to keep my fur babies happy, healthy and obviously WARM. I’ve listed my top two tricks of the trade below:


Supporting the three most common health concerns in our fur babies (that especially seem to flare up in winter weather), skin and coat, digestive, and immune system health, SeaMeal is a kelp-based supplement available in powder and chew form that can be given to your cats and dogs every day. This supplement is loaded with Superfoods, such as 3 different types of vitamin and mineral rich seaweed, red, brown and green, sourced from the northern Atlantic Ocean to help support the immune system and Omega Fatty Acids for skin and coat health. Speaking of skin and coat health, SeaMeal also contains flaxseed which can help to reduce dry skin and dandruff that we see this time of year. SeaMeal also contains natural digestive enzymes to help pets utilize more of the nutrients they consume and supports a healthy digestive tract. Not only is SeaMeal beneficial for cold months, but warm months, hot months (August in FL am I right?) and every month in between.

Joint Health

Nothing like some winter stiffness in the morning! To help combat the toll cold weather takes on joints, I recommend feeding a diet that suits your fur baby’s needs and promotes a healthy body condition (don’t worry, if your fur baby over indulged this holiday season like I did, Solid Gold has you covered with our Fit as a Fiddle weight control formula for cats and Fit and Fabulous recipes for weight control in dogs). Additionally, Solid Gold has recently launched our joint supplements! Available in standard Joint Health and Advanced Joint Health (for those needing a little bit more joint support), these chews contain proven joint support ingredients such as glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to keep your fur babies less stiff, and more ready to riff ( ).

As always, we want your pet to be living its best life. Here is a guideline from Pet MD with regards to colder weather.

Now go enjoy that fire and snuggle up with the number one cuddler in your life!


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