How to Properly Feed D-Zyme

Probiotics have become overly popular lately, we see them in the grocery store in form of yogurt to fresh juices and even in all Solid Gold dry foods, right?! Probiotics can be superheroes for digestion, but every great superhero needs a trusty sidekick. Enter: D-Zyme .

D-Zyme is a natural digestive enzyme supplement formulated for your pet. Digestive enzymes are naturally produced by our bodies to aide in digestion, however, some pets (& people!) need a little extra help breaking down their foods. If you notice loose stool, constipation, or bad breath, you may need to consider adding D-Zyme to your four legged friend’s diet. These aren’t the only signs D-Zyme could be beneficial to a diet, if you notice you cannot put weight on your feline or if you just rescued a previously malnourished pup, D-Zyme will help them process their foods better and absorb more nutrients (such as protein and starch) out of their diets!

Basil, sage, and papaya are some of the Superfoods included in D-Zyme that are known for their digestion powers. These ingredients work together to support your dog and cat’s digestive tract and keep everything moving smoothly!

Feeding D-Zyme is not complicated at all, and you actually have two different routes to take. Our original D-Zyme is formulated in powder form, simply sprinkle onto your dog or cat’s diet with every meal. Our new D-Zyme Chews contain probiotics for even more digestion restoration! We recommend feeding the chews with every meal to ensure your pet is getting the most out of these supplements.

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