New Year New Us... Part II

This week we were spoiled exploring the beautiful PNW. This is really the outdoor enthusiast’s paradise! From kayaking to skiing and everything in between, it is easy to get a workout in without even realizing it. We decided to take a hike up the Columbia River Gorge with some of our friends, Ali and her two pups Boone and Mason.

We all felt completely rejuvenated after this hike (pups included!). The weather was pretty crazy, rainy until we got above the clouds at the top of the mountain, and the hike was moderately difficult. The average person burns around 430- 440 calories during an hour of difficult hiking, and a dog around 250 calories/hour. Needless to say, there was no guilt left over from brunch ;).

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when hitting the trails with your pups:

Make sure you pack plenty of water, not only for yourself but your pup too . Dogs drink around 1 oz of water/body weight a day, more when exercising, so make sure to take water breaks throughout your journey! We are huge proponents of fresh, natural water, but do some research beforehand to make sure the springs/rivers/lakes are not contaminated before consumption.

Replenish your pup’s fuel tank. Like we said, dogs are burning around 250 calories. Bring some Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats or even a cup to make sure your fur baby receives adequate protein and nutrition for his activity.

Don’t let your dog off the leash unless it is safe and approved. Most hikes are going to be dog friendly, but if you choose a more populated hike they may have a strict leash only rule. Also, before you let your pup off that leash, make sure your training is on point and they come when called. After all, they aren’t the only wildlife out there!

Bring towels! If your hike is anything like ours, prepare to get WET! Waterfalls bring huge attractiveness to hikes, and why not jump in? We are SURE your pup is going to want to!

Checkout your pup when you get back to base. You never know what your fur baby is going to pick up on the hike, so make sure they don’t have any hitchhikers, especially in their paws!

Lastly, HAVE FUN! There is nothing like getting back to nature and breathing in crisp, cool, clean air with your four legged best friend. Take to the trails, turn your phone on do not disturb, and ENJOY!

Going on an adventure of your own soon? Tag #solidgoldpets on your post so we can see!

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