Signs Your Pet Could Use A Digestive Boost

So you've decided your pet's digestive system isn't exactly normal. Fortunately, this is very common in cats and dogs. Your pet's digestive tract is much more important than most people realize.

The food that you feed to your dog every day is the most important factor of your pet's digestive health. Before anything, it's important that they are getting the right nutrition. Take a look at the ingredients and avoid any foods that contain allergenic grains, specifically corn, wheat, and soy. Also make sure to avoid meat by-products, which simply put, are the undesirable animal parts left over from meat, commonly used in pet food. Take a look at our holistic recipes that have been carefully balanced with nutrient-dense superfoods and high-quality proteins to give your pets are getting the most out of their food.

Adding a probiotic to your pet's diet can also be beneficial to their digestive system. Probiotics essentially add friendly bacteria to their diet that are actually beneficial to their digestive system. Probiotics are often used for a variety of ailments, but adding them to your pet's food ensures their body is properly breaking down food and absorbing nutrients all while keeping the immune system strong.

That's where Solid Gold's D-Zyme comes in to play. D-zyme (short for Digestive enzyme) is a supplement that helps support healthy digestion and bowel health in dogs and cats. It contains a powerful combination of natural digestive enzymes and healthy Superfoods like pineapple, basil and sage. Our unique blend of digestive enzymes aids in proper digestion and supports bowel health by helping pets break down and more efficiently utilize food during the digestive process, allowing them to absorb more of the essential nutrients from their food.

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