Solid Gold Pet Food Applauds Petco’s New Standards for Dog and Cat Nutrition

Petco will be the first major retailer of pet food to stop selling pet food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives by May 2019

CHESTERFIELD, MO, Dec. 07, 2018 – Solid Gold Pet Food, the world’s first holistic pet food company, is proud to be a part of Petco’s commitment to sell food and treats that do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives by May 2019.  With a four-decade commitment to all-natural, holistic nutrition based on science, Solid Gold products for cats and dogs already meet or exceed these standards and do not need to undergo reformulation.

“We have been a pioneer in the movement for healthier pet nutrition and are extremely proud of Petco for making pet food free of artificial ingredients, like Solid Gold Pet, more accessible to pet parents,” said Julie Barron, CEO, Solid Gold Pet Food.  “Our founder never considered creating pet food products with artificial colors, flavors or ingredients, and for forty years, we have remained dedicated to the mission of crafting wholesome, nutritious recipes to meet the unique needs of pets. We applaud Petco’s new standards for the industry while also encouraging companies to be more responsible in their ingredients and products.”

On November 13, Petco announced it will not sell food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives for dogs and cats by May 2019. The move makes Petco the first and only major retailer of pet food and treats to take a stand against such ingredients. This isn't the first time Petco has taken an industry-leading stance as a champion for pets. In 2014, it became the first national specialty retailer to discontinue the sale of China-made treats following consumer concerns about the safety of such products – and other retailers quickly followed suit.

Like Petco, Solid Gold is known for bringing forward-thinking to the industry with an emphasis on gut health through protected probiotics, 20 superfoods blended for lifelong health, and the inclusion of healthy omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. There’s also no one-size fits all recipe as all product lines are uniquely tailored to the pet’s needs from puppy and kitten to a sensitive stomach or weight control, you’ll find a holistic remedy to support your pet at every stage and need.

“Today’s pet owners are making choices about foods and products for their pets just as they would for themselves or their children,” said Laura Brooks, Director of Marketing. “Solid Gold products are crafted to meet the needs of your pets – from improving skin and coats with flaxseed, to anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, and digestive health with pumpkin. The ingredients we select for the natural scientific benefit of each food.”

Solid Gold has a well-developed line of natural and holistic dry foods, canned foods, treats, and supplements for both dogs and cats, available at Petco stores nationwide and For more information on our products and commitment to pet nutrition, visit Solid Gold Pet.

About Solid Gold Pet

Solid Gold Pet was founded on the simple belief that every pet deserves the longest, happiest life possible and that quality nutrition is the foundation for achieving this. As America’s first holistic pet food brand, Solid Gold® delivers more than 40 years of nutritional expertise for dogs and cats. Our holistic recipes carefully balance nutrient-dense Superfoods with high-quality proteins to provide transformative lifelong health for your pet. From food to treats to wellness supplements, Solid Gold® can help your pet live life to the fullest. For more information about Solid Gold Pet and updates on new product offerings, visit or follow the brand on Facebook ( @SolidGoldPet ), Instagram ( @solidgoldpets ).

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