Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats Are Here!

Giving your dog treats can be a conflicting situation. On one hand, we want them to be happy. On the other, we want them to be healthy. Well, there's finally a way they can be both! Introducing... our new Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats! Our new treats harmoniously blend high-quality, real meat and nutrient-rich superfoods to deliver a rich, meaty texture, flavorful aroma and a taste your dog is sure to love.

Each of our Superfoods Chewy Dog treats recipes combines real meat with two unique ingredients and our custom blend of 5 nutrient-dense superfoods. Unique in texture, these treats have the appearance of a drop cookie—showcasing the real meat and whole superfoods.

Now you can finally be at rest knowing that giving your dog a treat is both healthy and delicious.

Our Superfoods Chewy Dog treats are available in 7 different tasty and healthy flavors. Check out the treats page to learn more!

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