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Meet Jake! Jake is a Pit Bull who was sadly abused before being rescued. When he was found, Jake had very bad skin and coat issues. It was because of this that he started eating Solid Gold Leaping Waters dog food . Once Jake's digestion was regulated, his skin issues have completely cleared up!

The below photos are 5 months apart, before and after Jake's diet change.



About Leaping Waters

Solid Gold Leaping Waters Cold Water Salmon and Vegetable Recipe is free of chicken protein and approved by even the most sensitive stomachs. Simple, gluten and grain free ingredients, like lean, cold water salmon, chickpeas, tapioca and our unique blend of functional superfoods, are not only easy to digest, but also provide gut health and overall immune support. Take the leap and give your dogs the nutrition they need to fuel all their adventures.

Leaping Waters is perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs!

Leaping Waters™

Cold Water Salmon and Vegetable Recipe

Leaping Waters™

Chicken and Salmon Recipe With Vegetables

Visit your local pet store to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate and find out which diet is right for your pet!

Don’t forget to call ahead to see if any curbside pickup or delivery options are available.

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