The Official List of Most Popular Dog Names

One of the most important parts of getting a new dog is coming up with their name. We put a lot of time coming up with a name that reflects them both physically and mentally, or picking between characters of your favorite television show. Either way, our dog's name means a lot. recently released their annual list of top dog names. In addition to seeing many of the classic names in the top, they also saw an increase in pop culture names, and dogs named after powerful women.

The top ten names for male dogs are:

 - Max

 - Charpe

 - Buddy

 - Cooper

 - Jack

 - Rocky

 - Bear

 - Duke

 - Toby

 - Tucker

For female dogs:

 - Bella

 - Lucy

 - Daisy

 - Lola

 - Luna

 - Molly

 - Sadie

 - Sophie

 - Bailey

 - Maggie

A further look into some of the trends we're even more interesting. 53% of people named their dogs after a movie, TV, or book character. In particular, Pokemon and Game of Thrones characters were popular choices for dog names. Celebrity names we're also a very popular choice in naming our furry friends, increasing in popularity by 8%. Check out the full article here .

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