This Year's Best Pet Halloween Costumes That Will Have Your Neighbors Howling

1. Hipster dog or Chewbacca? We don't know for sure but it's cute.


2. Whatever your political beliefs, Dogald Trump is cute.


3. RIP to a legend. We think Hugh would approve.


4. This Princess Leia and miniature Wookie take us back to a better time.

5. The greatest Pope that ever lived.

6. This is actually terrifying. Let's keep this one away from the kids.

7. Pika Pika! This kitty could seriously be a Pokemon.

8. The Justice League just got a little less intimidating.

9. Speaking of the Justice League, Nick Fury just became Nick Furry.

10. The best Princess Leia we've ever seen...

11. Eat mor chikin they said. It will be fun they said.

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