Training Tip: The “Drop It” Command

By Solid Gold and Warrior Canine Connection

Has your dog ever picked up something in his mouth you’d prefer he didn’t? Or how about a toy he doesn’t want to relinquish? The “drop it” command is an instrumental tool you will want at your disposal, especially if your puppy or dog has gotten a hold of one of your brand-new shoes!

In our latest Solid Gold Training Tip, we’ve teamed up with Warrior Canine Connection’s service dog training instructor, Sydney, and service dog in training, Nate, to explore the “drop it” command so you can learn to teach your dog this important but relatively simple command yourself.

The "Drop It" Command

What is the "Drop It" command?

Dogs are inquisitive creatures. Consequently, they can often be found “investigating” some things they shouldn’t. Enter the “drop it” command — designed to tell your dog to immediately drop whatever he has in his mouth to keep him safe, happy and healthy.

Here's How You Can Get Started at Home

Have Your Treats Ready!

1. Offer your dog a toy that they are interested in, ensuring it’s an item that will be easy for them to give up.

2. Let them play with the toy for a few seconds.

3. While they have the toy or item in their mouth, place the treat in front of their nose to entice them to drop the item in their mouth. They should willingly drop the toy in exchange for the treat. As soon as they do, be sure to praise them to reinforce their good behavior!

4. Present the toy again and repeat the process and start pairing the command “drop-it” while you’re treating him.

5. After several practice sessions, try giving your cue without the treats. Be sure to continue offering praise and rewarding him for a job well done.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As with all commands for your dog, repetition, positive reinforcement and practice are key to making “drop it” a useful skill for you and your dog!

Warrior Canine Connection is a pioneering organization that enlists Service Members and Veterans with combat stress in the critical mission of training service dogs for fellow wounded Warriors. Solid Gold is proud to be the exclusive food provider for WCC since 2014. 


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