Watch This Grateful Dog Snuggle His New Mom After Being Adopted

When college student  Kayla Filoon decided to adopt a dog, she never expected expected to find true love. Filoon, a sophomore at Temple University, was volunteering to walk dogs at her local municipal animal shelter. Russ, a neglected pit bull, had come in as a stray and was calmly sitting in his kennel. He was in poor shape and underweight with an eye infection, itchy skin, and a bleeding tail. Still, Kayla could sense his gentle personality and huge heart. Russ stood very still the first time Kayla saw him in his kennel. He watched "as if he knew I was going to be his mommy one day," she said.

From the moment they had met, Russ wouldn't stop cuddling her. She immediately fell in love. The next day, Kayla went back to the shelter to see Russ again. They went out to the yard to play, they walked together and even went out on a drive. "I actually cried," said Kayla. "I knew it was meant to be."

That's the moment she knew she had to adopt Russ, and she put in her application that day. Russ hasn't left her side since.

This incredible photo of the two has gone viral, reaching more than a million people. The photo was taken by a friend, while Kayla was doing homework for a human resource management class.

The photo was a great surprise, not just for Kayla, but for the shelter where Russ was adopted from. "We love seeing animals in their forever homes, knowing we helped create this perfect match," said Animal Care and Control Team Philly spokesperson Ame Dorminy.

Russ now enjoys sleeping in a comfy bed, goes on trips, walks around campus and of course, cuddles with Kayla.

"He has not even been with me for two weeks yet, however the bond that we have is incredible," she said. "He does not leave my side."

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